Gluten Free Happy Sandwiches!

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Hey everyone! Sorry it has been SO long since I did a post šŸ™ I am trying to get my business going while also working and living life! Things have been busy but good. Hoping to have lots more fun/good news soon on the business front!! Get excited because I have a new recipe for you today!! It started because I saw this recipe on Pinterest for Funeral Sandwiches. The title sounded so sad, but they looked really good!! The only bad thing was they used King’s Hawaiian Rolls, but that was not going to stop me from finding a way!

Funny story about the rolls before we start; one time Austin and I were at the grocery store and he kept saying we need to get those King Kong rolls and I was like HUH?? He drug me around the whole store and I was soo confused until he spotted the bright orange package and said “Look! King Kong Rolls!!” Oooohhh…King’s HAWAIIAN Rolls??! hah So when I saw this recipe I immediately thought of him and laughed šŸ™‚

So, I am naming these little guys HAPPY sandwiches because they make your belly HAPPY!! And funeral sandwiches are just sad šŸ™ These are perfect for fall tailgating for all you football fans out there, we ate them while watching the game on Saturday! They are SO easy and the taste is just awesome! And don’t worry about the Hawaiian Roll issue, just head on over to Better Batter for her awesome recipe on how to make a GF version of these rolls, and boy did they taste pretty darn similar!Ā  Hope you guys enjoy!

What you need:
* 1 GF Hawaiian Roll recipe from Better Batter: a few notes on this one; My batter was still really thin after I had mixed all the ingredients together so I did about 5 cups of flour instead of 3 to get it to become a dough. I also added 1 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum as well. Mine didn’t seem to rise at all, but they still came out fine! Mine were more biscuity than roll like, but the taste was there, which is all that matters!!
*1/4-1/2Ā  lb. Sliced Deli Ham (I used maple glazed Boar’s Head)
*Sliced cheese of your choice (I did mozzarella, it’s the only cheese that doesn’t make me feel bad)
*1/2 cup butter, melted (Earth Balance for DF)
*3T Worcestershire sauce
*2T Brown Mustard
*2T Brown Sugar
*onion powder (Sprinkle at your liking)

1.) After you have gone through the process of making the rolls, place the bottom of the rolls on a greased cookie sheet covered in foil.
2.) Combine all the liquid/spice ingredients together.
3.) Place the ham and cheese on the roll bottom and cover with the tops. Pour the liquid mixture over the rolls.
4.) Let marinate, refrigerate for about 4 hours so all the goodness soaks in!
5.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake about 20 minutes or until golden.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Happy Sandwiches!”

  1. Do you use eggs in the bread recipe? I’ve had a terrible time trying to make breads with egg replacement. Eggs help the GF stuff to rise but I’m allergic to eggs also.

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