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Well, this story takes place yesterday, Monday, August 20, 2012. Typical Monday at work and I had had two days off the last week so I was recharged and had lots of work to do.  I never get up from my desk unless I have to go to the bathroom or get my lunch (I know this is sad). So, I got up around 12:40 to go to the bathroom and then was going to eat lunch. My phone is always on my desk, but I was going to do some stuff on my Ipad during my break so I set it on my desk, but they were both not visible unless you came looking for them.  I came back from the bathroom and immediately knew there was something missing and thought I had gone crazy for a second. When I realized they were definitely gone I told my boss, called the police and she went looking for our security and maintenance guy. Our building has really bad security, no cameras in elevators or on any floors, only at the front door. Our office is also one of the only ones that it does have a lock and this is the fourth incident in the past couple of years. So, yeah this is the perfect place for thieves.

So, now regular Courtney is nice, mad Courtney, you don’t want mad Courtney. So mad Courtney started the process with the Sandy Springs police that looked thoroughly concerned. We had the Find my Iphone app installed and began trying to trace my belongings. The thief had turned my phone off so the GPS  was no help to us until around 4:30pm when they decided to start playing with it. I hope that when that happened Siri popped up and said ” YOU Jerk!! ” or maybe something a little worse than that 🙂 But I imagine she tried her hardest to get away from those nasty fingers!

The thief had managed to make it all the way down to Clayton County, about 40 minutes from my office, and not a good part of town. As much as I wanted to jump from my seat and beat the snot out of these people, I called the police. The Sandy Springs police department told me it was now out of their hands and that Clayton had to deal with it. So….Austin proceeds to call Clayton and their answer is that I have to be present for them to do anything about it, because I could be being tricky and just sending them out on a wild goose chase. NOT a good answer for mad Courtney.

So..I get home that night and start tweeting & face-booking the heck outta Clayton County Police, and 11alive, a local Atlanta TV station. Some of my friends and strangers were kind enough to help and to start re-tweeting. It is now Tuesday afternoon and I called Clayton County AGAIN and got a completely different answer. Apparently Sandy Springs was wrong for telling me to call Clayton, because that was their job. Now that the thief has turned my phone off again rendering the phone useless and unable to find. I’m sure they are long gone to Tijuana or somewhere that you flee too. My best bet is them selling my things and the police being notified through the serial numbers. I am still keeping in touch with Sandy Springs police to at least see if they can try to keep their eyes out for stolen goods. The management company in my building may also pay for half of the value, so there may be a small piece of justice, but still waiting to see what happens.  Now in the process of trying to figure out how to get another phone in the meantime and hopefully one day saving to get another Ipad in the future.

I’m hoping that this is a great reminder to all of you to keep your stuff safe and be aware of your surroundings, apparently nothing is sacred anymore, not even your workspace! Also a tip: I found a better App last night called iCaughtU and it takes pictures if anyone tries to login and the password is wrong, & will not shut off so you can locate it. I am trying to not let this completely change my views of people and not trust anyone, but for the moment I am weary, and distrusting and that makes me sad. I think it shows what a state our world is in, which is even sadder. I don’t appreciate that I work for a living and had to save up my money to buy those things that I wanted and someone who steals for a living can just get away. I’m hoping Karma comes into play for them one day 🙂 Ok, that is my soapbox for now! But, for now if you need me head over to Facebook or Email and that’s where I’ll be.

Update at 2:35pm:
So there ARE nice people in this world, I just happen to work with one of them! A client gave one of the guys in my office an Ipad. He already had one so he gave it to another guy in our office. He has never used it so he just gave it to me! I am now going to go home and make him 100 chocolate chip cookies!


Until Later….Thanks for reading!


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