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Bear with me, this is a prototype πŸ™‚

Hello Friends!! Well, as some of you know if you are Facebook friends with me, I am trying to start my own Gluten Free venture. Its been a thought on my mind since last year, but I am finally taking the leap to do it and I am excited!

My dear friend Eryn has really inspired me to go forward and try this, so a big THANK YOU to her! Also, just every GF person out there that longs to fit in at parties, Christmastime, birthdays, etc. you are my inspiration! Last year through several weddings, family events, etc. I just started feeling frustrated, and SO hungry! Everywhere I would go there would be nothing for me to eat, and I just wanted to sit down and cry. So, this product is meant for those of us GF people that want good, homemade, warm yummy food like our mama makes that wont make us sick. A product for Non-GF people that they can easily make at Christmas, or give as a gift, which makes us GF people warm to the core when you think about us and our food! πŸ™‚

I have started by giving away 12 free samples (seen above) which I am delivering this week along with a survey so that I can figure out if this will work. If you have any comments or ideas please feel free to let me know, would love to hear them! I would love to know if you would purchase anything like this, etc. I hope to report back with good news and plans to move forward!

Until then, thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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