Gluten Free Cheese-less Pizza Two Ways

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Well, we are done with our little food experiment. Austin has decided to definitely go back to eating meat! haha. I didnt mind it as much, and I will still eat meat every once in awhile, but I enjoyed the experiment! We took away from it that we definitely need to continue to have lots of veggies and fiber and I diet, so we did learn some valuable information!

Before the experiment we were dairy free, but I still ate mozzarella cheese. During the experiment I decided to go all in and have no dairy at all. Well, We LOVE pizza, I mean love. So I started thinking what should I do?? I HATE vegan cheeses, so one of my friends said to try it cheeseless. Cheeseless? This is a new concept! Austin freaked out when I told him! What is a pizza without cheese he asked?? So, I made two different ones. I made a veggie one with lots of sauce for him (top picture) and a tomato basil one for me because that is my favorite pizza, just now without the mozzarella. Honestly, I loved it! Austin didnt think it was bad, but of course he preferred cheese. It really changed my whole thinking on needing cheese to make the dish complete. I am now hooked on cheeseless pizzas! A couple weeks ago I even ordered a cheeseless veggie pizza when we were out, and it was great! I definitely encourage you to go cheeseless and check it out!!

If you want to know how I made it, I use this GF crust recipe. This is my go to pizza crust, I use it all the time! And after that the sky is the limit! Add whatever veggies, meats, herbs, etc. Add sauce, or maybe just olive oil & balsamic. Get creative!!

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