Week 3: Feeling Good!

I know you are thinking where is Part 2?! Sorry, I have been slacking, work has been super busy and I havent had much time to update on our journey!

This week I started finally feeling the way everyone was describing and it is great! Austin has lost 8 pounds, with minimal exercise, so it is just from eating better. I am so proud of him!! I am also proud of him because he has done soo good eating vegetables and not complaining! Gold star for Austin! 🙂

On this journey I am going to be very honest with you 🙂 The biggest change I have seen for me personally is digestively. I was not a “regular” person and being gluten free helped with all the stomach problems I had, but it did not put me on a healthy regular schedule. This has made an amazing difference! In 3 weeks my body has completely become regular and normal and its amazing! I am still having some gas side effects depending on what I eat, but overall that has subsided. We have not had meat at all this week! whoo! It really is all about trying something and changing your perspective and gaining insight. I didnt think that I would be able to feel full without having some sort of meat at dinner. Every night I have been super full! I also dont feel guilty about the things that we are eating. The other night we had a Thai salad and I didnt feel bad for eating another serving because it is healthy!! We are still probably going to remain “flexitarians” but try to not eat meat as much as possible, unless we are at a family function where we have no choice because our GF/DF diet is hard enough! 🙂

The one thing I miss is cheese. We are dairy free, but we would eat mozzarella because that was the only thing that wouldnt cause digestive issues. Now its nothing. I want pizza SO bad! A couple of years ago when we first went GF/DF we tried Daiya cheese. SICK. Im sorry if you like it but it made me gag! So, that is my new mission. I bought some vegan cheese from Whole Foods the other day, but have yet to try it, I will let you know. If there is a cheese that you recommend that is like mozzarella and melts well, please let me know!! I have also found some recipes on making nut cheeses, so I am hoping to try that soon so that we can make some pizzas!

Also on this journey I have fallen more in love with Whole Foods. Just want to give a little shout out to them! I already loved Whole Foods but its like a forbidden fruit because it is so darn expensive. They have an amazing selection of Gluten Free and Dairy Free foods that doesnt even come close to Kroger! My awesome finds for the week were Food for Life GF Brown Rice Wraps. LOVE! I made a veggie wrap for lunch and dinner this week from them and it made me so happy, I love wraps! I also bought Against the Grain GF Baguettes! YES! They taste amazing! I made a veggie sub. That was also wonderful. My last yummy find was EnviroKidz GF cereal the Leapin’ Lemurs brand. It tastes like Reese Cup cereal, and it GF and healthy! OMG its soo good!  I was seriously in heaven going up and down the aisles! They have an amazing choice of vegan mayos, butters, cheeses, etc. I think I will probably just have to give in and go there more often because they have such a great selection of everything we need.

 Just in case you are interested here is a breakdown of the food for this week if you need some inspirations for your breakfast or dinner (my lunch is just leftovers from the night before)! :

Monday:  GF Cereal with Fruit, Chocolate Coconut milk <–yum! Vegetarian Chili with GF Flatbreads for dinner.

Tuesday: GF cereal with fruit, chocolate millk. Veggie Wrap with grapes for dinner.

Wednesday: GF Envirokidz cereal, chocolate milk. Thai Salad with homemade peanut dressing and edamame.

Thursday: GF yummy Envirokidz cereal, chocolate milk. We went out, had a Chipotle Veggie bowl.

Friday: GF EK Cereal and fruit. Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes and Quinoa for dinner.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Week 3: Feeling Good!”

  1. Daiya = NASTY!
    Nut cheese = Decent, You have to get over that it doesn’t taste like real cheese, but cashew cheese sauces aren’t nearly as unappetizing as Daiya.

    Also – Do a pizza without cheese. You really don’t miss it that much. I love a cheeseless pizza with lots of veggies.

    1. Even typing the word Daiya makes me gag! ha! I might try making the cashew cheese then. Yeah, I have thought about doing pizza with a pesto sauce or something with lots of veggies. Just need to experiment i guess! And also get over the face that it may not be like “regular” pizza. Im sure its just something to get used too.

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