26th Birthday Recap featuring the Raw Vegan Birthday Cake!


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Monday, May 7th was my 26th Birthday! Mondays are kind of a sad day to have a birthday. Had to go about my normal work day, etc. and couldnt stay out too late, boo!  Thankfully everyone at work was very nice and I had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign at my desk when I arrived at work & my boss gave me a $50 gift card to Kroger, she knows I love to bake 🙂 So that was really nice.

That night we went to Season’s 52, one of our favorite GF restaurants with our wonderful friends Eryn & Jared, who are also fellow GF’ers!! 🙂 We saw the cast from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta which was really fun, I honestly dont think in the 22 years Ive lived here that I have seen a celebrity, so I was really excited!! Austin was soo sweet and got me & Eryn all day passes to Spa Sydell including a massage, mani & pedi. Now we just need to decide when to go! Cant wait!!

Eryn gave me an awesome shirt from her amazing collection called “So Worth Loving”. If you want to know more about it or purchase an awesome shirt you can go here. The awesome “Cursive Tee” is what I am wearing here:

so worth loving tshirt
Now, for the last part of the night: CAKE! I was a little nervous about this. This was my first time making a “Raw” Vegan dessert, and one that I was going to be serving to other people! I came across this awesome site called Nouveau Raw. Her food is so beautiful and so creative! When I saw the picture of this cake I just had to make it! It is actually super easy and it requires NO baking at all, which is the best part! I changed a couple of things around because some of the ingrediants I didnt have, but it turned out great. Everyone was shocked when I told them that it was made from cashews!! It is also nice to eat a dessert that I feel like is actually healthy for me! This dessert is no gluten, eggs, dairy, oils, or refined sugars!! To make the awesome Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake head on over to here–> Cake Recipe

I am thankful for Austin, family, and friends that made my day special! Thank You! 🙂

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