GF Puff Pastry Exists! I Made Chocolate Crossaints..

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This is more just a post about the fact that there is GF puff pastry out there that you can make, it is possible! I did not make this up, found on another GF blog, but I just made crossaints out of it because I LOVE chocolate crossaints and havent had one in a LONG time! But, there are many other things you can make out of puff pastry. I just wanted to share this with anyone who has ever felt so annoyed, frustrated, exasperated, when they found a recipe that sounds so good, but it requires puff pastry. I dont know why there isnt GF puff pastry you can buy in the stores, but someone needs to invent it, it would make my life easier!! This was the best recipe I found online, the rest were much more tedious and required many more ingrediants. This is a time consuming process, but so worth it in the end! There were actually flakes and it actually tasted kind of like a crossaint! I was thrilled! Here is where to go and find out how to make puff pastry: Gluten Free Girl’s Puff Pastry
Thanks to Gluten Free Girl!! Now go out there and make some puff pastry and make something delicious!!

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