DIY: Headband, Belt & Cuff!

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So, I have this bridesmaids dress that I am transforming into a new color so that I can wear it more often! It went from teal to now a navy-ish color. I will post after this weekend the final product, after I wear it to a wedding! So, anyways, the dress needed a little something added, and Im really into belts! I know it’s no surprise that I found this website on Pinterest and that was my inspiration!

 Since my dress is a navy color I went with silver ribbon. The girl recommends grosgrain, so that is what I got. I got peacock feathers for a little umph and then some crystals. I pretty much went hot glue gun crazy after that! I only intended on making the belt but I couldnt stop after that! Basically I just hot glued feathers into the middle of the belt and I hot glued velcro on the back for when I wear it. For the headband, I would have prefered a stretchy fabric because it doesnt like to stay to well on your head, but oh well!! I made those 3 things for what Im sure it would cost to buy only one! I LOVE Hobby Lobby and I think Im addicting to making all my own stuff now!

I will post a picture of the whole outfit next week after I wear it, so stay tuned!

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