GF/DF Homemade Caramel & Kettle Corn

Here are the recipes for the popcorn as I promised in the baby shower post earlier! 🙂 Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the popcorn, I dont know why! But you can kind of see it in the background of the pictures of the table in the last post! The Kettle Corn is super easy. It doesnt require much at all! The Caramel Corn is really easy too, just follow the recipe below!

Kettle Corn:

-1 cup popped popcorn

Once you have popped the popcorn you just sprinkle how much salt and how much sugar you want! And you can put butter on too of course! See, it really is that easy!!

Caramel Corn:

I found this recipe online and followed it exactly. The only thing that has to be changed is using Earth Balance instead of regular butter for the DF part. This was super easy too and really addicting!!



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