DIY “War Eagle” Wreath

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Well, it was a disapointing loss on Saturday for us Auburn fans, but we always stick by our team!!! My friend Kelly over at Keeping Up With The Johnsons  had the cutest Auburn wreath that she made herself and I thought I must try that!! Our house definitely needed a little Auburn spirit, I mean it is football season and we have to support our team no matter what!!!

This was really easy to make, it probably took me 30 minutes and then I left everything to dry overnight before putting on the door! The total price was $25, but it just depends on if you have the supplies already, I unfortunately had to buy paintbrushes, paint, etc. Hobby Lobby is where I went & their prices are just amazing! I also had a 40% off one regular price item coupon, so check that you before you go on their website!!

-orange or blue paint, whatever you prefer! ($2.99 each)
-orange & blue ribbon ($1.99 each)
-wreath ($5.00)
-paintbrushes ($6.99 for a pack, and then 40% off w/ coupon)
-letters (.77 cents each)
-bow ($1.99)
 -wood glue ($4.00)

How to DIY:
1.) I painted all my letters first and let them dry. I did 2-3 coats of orange paint.
2.) While letters are drying I wrapped my ribbon around the wreath and secured the bow on as well.
3.) After the letters were dry it was time for gluing! At first it didnt seem like they were going to stay on, but just glue, press down hard and then leave over night. The glue also dries clear so dont worry if there is some showing. The next morning it was ready to be put up!!!


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